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H2020 Services

Our services:
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Financial and administrative issues
PIC and LEAR registration incl. SME validation200 €
Cross-checking your proposal for eligibility and formal correctness200 €
Financial planning150 € per hour
Telephone & web conferences150 € per hour
Contract negotiations (Grant and Consortium Agreement)150 € per hour
Proposal writing
Identification of suitable calls for your project150 €
Proofreading your proposal 10 pages500 €
Proofreading your proposal 30 pages1500 €
Proofreading your proposal 70 pages3500 €
Optimizing section 4150 € per hour
Optimizing section 5150 € per hour
Identification of partners150 € per hour
Elaborating proposal sections150 € per hour
Ongoing projects
Formal changes150 € per hour
Report writing or cross-checking150 € per hour
Check financial report150 € per hour
Meeting preparation150 € per hour
Project management tasks150 € per hour
Website generation and / or maintenancespecial quotation
Proposal check by experienced EC reviewers
Stage 1, 10-15 pages2.500 €
Full proposals, 30 pages5.000 €
Full proposals, 50-100 pages9.000 €

An agreement (contract and confidentiality) is a prerequisite for our services.
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